• 1080p sPoE Security Camera kit

  • 720p sPoE Security Camera kit

SHO 720p sPoE Security Camera System

SHO 720p sPoE
Security Camera System

(6-Month Cloud Service Included. Activation Code: FISH1C08)
  • 4 720p sPoE Cameras + 8 Channel sPoE Repeater
    8 720p sPoE Cameras + 8 Channel sPoE Repeater
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SKU: SH001C-8

Metal Camera Housing

The camera is Waterproof to secure your house or business 24/7 in any weather conditions. You can see up to 65ft far away at night.

Small in Size,
Strong in Powering

This mini 8-channel sPoE Repeater box is designed to connect to the sPoE cameras and a WiFi router to provide power supply and data transmission for the cameras.

One Cable- Plug and Play

Enjoy the simplicity and quickness of Plug and Play with Simplified Power over Ethernet technology. Connect the cameras with the sPoE repeater via single proprietary cables, and run a network cable between the repeater and the WiFi router, the system is powered on and ready to be set up.

Setup has never been so Easy

Set up the system in seconds. Just scan the QR code on the quick user guide via SHO app and the cameras will occur, then one tap to add all of them to your account.

Manage as you like

SHO app provides flexibility in customizing your device viewing. You can form groups for the devices at any quantity to monitor every corner of your home or business based on your habit.
  • Tap “Edit”
  • Tap “Add Group”
  • Choose Cameras for the Group
  • Name Your Group
  • Complete

The Cloud Does All the Work

SHO cloud service (powered by meShare) provides a personalized using experience. Optional 7 and 30 day cloud recording plans allow you to save 24/7 footage and view it from anywhere at any time. The camera system comes with a free 6-month 7-day cloud service so that you can retrace what happened in the past 7 days. Check, save and share significant moments by using SHO Cloud.
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  • Intelligent

  • Creat
    A Clip

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    A Clip

  • Flash
    A Clip

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Let SHO Cloud Take Care of Your Security

Using the cloud service for recording is the way to go. SHO cloud is powered by meShare server, which is protected by bank-level encryption, to ensure that data are kept safe at all times. By using the cloud service, you don’t need to be concerned about the loss of hard drive data if the NVR is destroyed.

Smart Motion Detection

Set motion detection zones to focus on important areas like doors or windows, and get motion clip alerts when something happens there. Motion alert clips are saved in the cloud for 12 hours for free. You can also adjust the cameras to different motion modes for a more personal security experience.

Simultaneous Views on Multiple Devices

Remote viewing is available on multiple devices: smartphone, tablets views through SHO app or web views by typing 'user.sho-ai.meshare.com' into any web browser on PC.

Flexible recording option

There are two different storage options for the system. Optional paid cloud recording plans for storing 24/7 footage are available as 7 or 30-day plan. You can add a SHO wireless NVR if you prefer local recording. The NVR provides Basic Recording mode and Intelligent Recording mode to fit your needs.
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A Smaller Hole to Drill

This well-designed Micro USB connection means you only need to drill a small hole on the wall to run cables.

RJ45 Connection

You’ll need to drill a big hole on your wall to run through the cables.

Mini USB Connection

With our Mini USB connection, you only need to drill a very little hole on your wall to run through the cbales. In addition, the cable pass-through mounting bracket further protects the cable from weather damage.

SPoE Repeater

sPoE Camera